The following documentation is needed to insure that your wedding will meet the criteria established by the Church and local civil authorities:

  1. Verification of the baptism and stewardship/membership commitment of the Orthodox spouse (s);
  2. Verification of the baptism of the non-Orthodox spouse in a Christian community that baptizes in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit (for example, the Roman Catholic and mainline Protestant churches such as the Lutheran and Episcopalian communities);
  3. An ecclesiastical marriage license; and
  4. A civil marriage license.


Please note that because of the separation of Church and state, two marriage licenses are necessary, one for the Church and one for the state.  Also, please note that because a civil license carries a time limit of 90 days in Ontario, your civil license should be secured less than three months prior to the desired date of the wedding.

If either of the parties has been previously married, the death certificate of the deceased spouse or the civil divorce decree issued by the state must be presented to the parish priest.  If the prior marriage was celebrated in the Orthodox Church and ended in divorce, then an ecclesiastical divorce decree must also be presented.

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