If you are about to give birth to a new baby, there are a few things you should know. It is
important to remember that in the Orthodox tradition, the priest is called for a series of
blessings at the beginning of a child’s life. These are:

1. The blessing on the day of birth (usually at the hospital).
2. The 8th day blessing where the name is given (usually at the home).
3. The 40 day blessing where the mother and the baby are churched (done at the church).

It is important to notify your priest when you are expecting your baby and to not hesitate to call
him or email him after you have given birth so that he may come to bless the baby. If, for
whatever reason, your family cannot do the first blessing on the day of birth, not to worry, just
contact the priest and he can come and do both blessings on the 8th day. Each of these
blessings are only 5 minutes long and exist to pray for the well-being of both mother and child.

Please feel free to contact the priest whenever you like for more information about these

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