Approximately forty days after a child is born it is an Orthodox Church Tradition that a special service is offered in the Church which emulates the Old Testament custom in which the Blessed Virgin Mary brought Jesus into the Temple on the fortieth day after His birth and is commemorated on the Feast of the Presentation of Christ. The Forty Day Blessing essentially consists of prayers of joyful thanks for the safe delivery of mother and child. The service blesses the mother who has been absent from the sacramental life of the Church for forty days and formally presents the newborn child to the Church family for the first time as the priest formally brings the infant into the Sanctuary. This is an important tradition for parents to uphold.

Parents should call the Church office at least one full week in advance to schedule the Forty Day Blessing service.  Fr. Theo prefers to perform this service on Sunday’s with the people of the church still present.  Thus, please prepare to be at the church by 11am and inform a member of council that you are there for the 40 day blessing.  They will in turn inform Fr. Theo that you are present.  Near the end of the liturgy, he will come to the narthex of the church in order to perform your service.

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