Youth Greek Dance Program

This program is designed to give students exposure to traditional dances of many different parts of Greece. If a student starts from 4/5 years old and continues with the program into their teenage years, they can expect to learn dances from 6-10 regions of Greece while also ensuring they are taught the basics and most popular dances that would allow them to participate fully in cultural events such as festivals and weddings where dancing is one of the biggest parts of the night!

Nea Genia Dance Group

This program is built around traditional Greek dance, as it was done by our previous generations. We pride ourselves on focusing on the history of Greek culture through dance and song. Dancers in Nea Genia can expect themselves to put in some hard work to accomplish amazing group shows but rest assured, there is always time for fun with this group! Nea Genia prepares multiple traditional routines and a modern show every year for performances at Carassauga, the Prophet Elias Festival, weddings, baptisms, corporate functions and public events.

Practices are held on Monday and Wednesday evenings. The age groups vary from year to year dependant on total registrants.

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