Dear Parishioners, Supporters and, Friends;

With great appreciation, we the Community Council Members of the Greek Orthodox Church of Prophet Elias are working very diligently over the years to ensure that the Church of Prophet Elias is a pillar of the community. We have been blessed with many volunteers, who, with their commitment and dedication, have supported with hard work, time, talent and finances our various events and programs.

In support of our Church and in moving forward, we are eager to present to our parishioners a MEMBERSHIP CAMPAIGN initiative. The membership contribution to our Church helps towards our financial obligations and expenses, as well as our Church programs. All the initiatives taken by our Church are designed to give back to all of our families, children and community.


  • It Helps With our monthly operating expenses which are to $50,000 and will continue to increase yearly.
  • It Helps With the programs of our Church ie. Dance Program, Seniors Program, Youth Program, Choir, Sunday School, Bible Study and our Newsletter etc
  • It Helps With sustainability of our Church and Community.
  • It Helps With the future development, growth and implementation of new programs and future vision of our Community Centre.
  • It Gives You personalized envelopes with an ID number to help track ALL your donations. By doing so, a tax receipt will be issued by the end of each year.

Individual membership -$150.00

The individual membership program, will cover a individual for one calendar year.

Family Membership – $200.00

The family membership program, will cover two (2) adult for one calendar year.

If each family on our mailing list becomes a member it would assist all Church Programs and Expenses and in turn help with our community and future development

With your continuous support our Church continue to be our symbol to our community and our heritage of the Greek Orthodox Community of Mississauga and surrounding areas. Please indicate below the type of membership that you would like to participate in by retuning the bottom portion with payment to the Church.


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