Although it is not essential to the celebration of this sacrament, organ music has become a customary part of the wedding service in Canada.  The organist may play as guests enter the Church, a processional for the wedding party and the bride and a recessional at the conclusion of the service.  The music played must honor the Christian faith and be drawn from either the hymns of the Church and/or from that tradition of classical music composed for the Roman Catholic and Protestant communities.  We do not have a parish organist who plays for our wedding ceremonies, thus the bride and groom must arrange for an organist.   Please consult our parish priest if you have any questions concerning the organist or particular music selections.

The chanter, by tradition, is an integral part of the wedding service. Due to the fact that our chanters are not paid employees, if you wish to have a chanter at your ceremony, it is your responsibility to invite them.   If you would like to invite a chanter from another Orthodox parish to participate in your wedding, please consult with the pastor prior to extending an invitation

Fees for the services of the organist and chanter are your responsibility. Each establishes his or her own fee and you would pay him or her directly.

Photographs of your wedding are permitted but should not in any way impede or distract from the celebration of the sacrament.  Photographers should be quiet and respectful; the use of a flash is allowed.  If you are planning on professional photography and videography, please ask that your photographer arrive early at the Church so that guidelines can be laid out.  Also, please ask guests to be respectful of the professional’s space, for your benefit.

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