Dear Parishioners, Supporters and, Friends;

As we look forward to celebrating Christmas and the holiday season, the members of the Community Council, the Philoptochos Society and all the Committees and Ministries of Prophet Elias’ Greek Orthodox Church hope that this letter finds you well.

We would also like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to all those who have contributed to the life of our Community this past year. We have been blessed with many volunteers and supporters who make our Community a beacon of light in Mississauga and the vicinity.

As we all are aware, the economic times are unstable. Yet, we wish to ensure the financial stability of our Church of Prophet Elias. Both the operating costs and construction expenditures mandated by the municipality must be met. In 2008, total expenditures will surpass $500,000. It is for this reason that we are initiating a drive to increase Membership enrolment. The annual Membership enrolment contribution is $100. By comparison with so many other expenditures we all have, this annual Membership enrolment contribution is no great burden. Yet, it gives the Community Council a stable financial base upon which to build an annual budget.

In 2008, over 1,000 families supported our Church of Prophet Elias and another that many families asked to be served by our Church. Yet only 170 annual Membership enrolment contributions were received. We must remember that in Canada, Churches do not receive financial contributions from governments, as they do in Greece and elsewhere. We, the members of the Church, are responsible for the Church’s well-being and growth.

Thus, we are respectfully asking each family that is a part of the life of the Greek Orthodox Church of Prophet Elias to make their annual Membership enrolment contribution for 2009.

Once again, the Community Council would like to express its appreciation to all those who have contributed to the life of our Community. It is only with your continuing support that our Church can continue to glorify God, serve our families, and leave a legacy to our heritage. Together we are Stronger.

On behalf of the Community Council,
Yours in Christ,

Fr. Theologos Drakos, Priest
Terry Tharrenos, Council President


Please use the ‘download’ button at the top-right, to download and fill the membership form. Once filled, return to the Church office with payment.
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